A. E. Housman

A. E. Housman

1859 - 1936

British writer A. E. Housman is an important figure in the history of American song. His texts have been set to music by dozens of American composers, most notably Ernst Bacon, Samuel Barber, Marc Blitzstein, John Duke, Jake Heggie, and George Walker.

Photo: A. E. Housman, 1910, public domain


Born in Fockbury, Worcestershire (England), A. E. Housman was a distinguished professor of the classics, first at University College (London) and then at Trinity College (Cambridge).

He was also the author of two popular books of poetry: A Shropshire Lad (1896) and Last Poems (1922). A Shropshire Lad was not popular at first, but at the dawning of World War I, the volume gained in popularity due to its "nostalgic depiction of brave English soldiers." Housman's popularity can also be traced to the various composers who set his poetry to music.

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--Christie Finn Source: The Academy of American Poets

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