John Hollander

John Hollander

1929 - 2013

An important literary critic and poet, John Hollander's poetry has been set by many acclaimed American composers, including Ned Rorem, Elliott Carter, Hugo Weisgall, Milton Babbitt, and George Perle. Hollander has often actively collaborated with composers as a librettist and lyricist.

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Born in New York City, John Hollander studied at Columbia University and Indiana University.

In addition to his several eloquent and intellectual books of criticism and poetry, Hollander has also edited numerous volumes, including Committed to Memory: 100 Best Poems to Memorize, Animal Poems, Poems Bewitched and Haunted, selected editions of poetry by Christina Rossetti and Ben Jonson, and several other works. He has also written children's books and liner notes for classical recordings.

The recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship and winner of the Bollingen Prize, Hollander has taught at Connecticut College, Hunter College, the Graduate Center, CUNY, and Yale University. He is currently the Sterling Professor Emeritus of English at Yale.

--Christie Finn Sources: Poetry Foundation and websites

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