Robert Graves

Robert Graves

1895 - 1985

Robert Graves was an English poet, translator, and novelist. He served in World War I and was noted for his war poetry; many decades later his novel I, Claudius was a BBC hit. Samuel Barber set a number of Graves’s poems to music.


Graves' unhappy experience at the Charterhouse School began his interest in writing poetry. Immediately, at the declaration of the first World War, Graves enlisted himself and ended up in France in 1915. In 1916, Graves was struck with a shell, and while he survived the injury, The Times declared him dead (later to correct the mistake).

The war influenced Graves to write more and more poetry, and his volumes Over the Brazier (1916) and Fairies and Fusilliers (1917). In 1918, with the Armistice, Graves and his wife set up a grocery store, which soon failed, and his marriage ended the year that his autobiography, Goodbye to All That was published in 1929.

Graves also published a sequel to I, Claudius entitled Claudius the God (1935).

--Christie Finn

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