Nelle Richmond Eberhart

Nelle Richmond Eberhart

1871 - 1944

Author, Poet, and Lyricist Nelle Richmond Eberhart often wrote texts for composer Charles Wakefield Cadman and is most well-known for her poems of Cadman's American Indian songs From the Land of the Sky-blue Water.


Born in Detroit, Eberhart was a neighbor of Cadman when she worked as a teacher in Pittsburgh. Already interested in Native Americans due to her time teaching in Nebraska (prior to her move to Pittsburgh), Cadman asked Eberhart to write lyrics for his American Indian songs, which set melodies of the Omaha tribe.

Cadman and Eberhart collaborated on over more 200 songs and two operas. Eberhart was the first woman librettist to have an opera (Shanewis, The Robin Woman of 1918) performed at the Metropolitan Opera.

--Christie Finn

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