Alice Cary

Alice Cary

1820 - 1871

Alice Cary and her sister Phoebe published a book of their poetry in the 1850s and became central figures in the East Coast literary circles during their lifetimes.

Image: Portrait of Alice Cary, 1850


Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Alice and her sister Phoebe were deeply inspired by their older sister to be writers. The poetry of both Alice and Phoebe gained the attention of major American writers during the 1850s, such as Edgar Allan Poe and John Greenleaf Whittier. Following the publication of their book, the sisters moved to New York City and became important in the literary life of the East Coast. They held an important salon on Sunday evenings, and Phoebe even served as editor for Susan B. Anthony's The Revolution.

--Christie Finn Source: The Poetry Foundation website

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