Your Eyes So Deep

"Your Eyes so Deep" is the third song of Henry Burleigh's song cycle Passionale, which sets the poetry of James Weldon Johnson.
Your Eyes so Deep
by James Weldon Johnson

Your eyes so deep and tender are,
Soft with the glamour of a star,
Bright with the gentle light that lies
In placid streams and sunny skies;
Your eyes so tender are.
And yet, those melting, smiling eyes,
From out their depths so sweet,
Have lanced a cruel, piercing dart;
And now my wounded, bleeding heart
Lies captive at your feet.

Your lips are like a sweet, red rose,
That in some scented garden grows;
A dewy rose, so sweet and red,
That blooms amidst a lily bed;
Your lips are like a rose.
And yet, those velvet-petal'd lips
A honey'd poison brew,
That through my veins has run like fire,
And filled my soul with love's desire,
And left me mad for you.

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