The World's Highway


"The World's Highway" is the 90th song in Ives's song collection 114 Songs. The song is also part of Ives's song set Sentimental Ballads.

The World's Highway
by Charles Ives

For long I wander'd happily
Far out on the world's highway
My heart was brave for each new thing and I loved the far away.

I watch'd the gay bright people dance,
We laughed, for the road was good.
But Oh! I passed where the way was rough
I saw it stained with blood.

I wander'd on till I tired grew,
Far on the world's highway
My heart was sad for what I saw
I feared, I feared the far away, the far away.

So when one day, O sweetest day,
I came to a garden small,
A voice my heart knew called me in
I answered its blessed call;

I left my wand'ring far and wide
The freedom and far away
But my garden blooms with sweet content
That's not on the world's highway.

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