With Violets (op. 1, no. 1)


"With Violets" sets the poetry of Kate Vannah in Beach's first official work. "With Violets" can be found in Vannah's volume From Heart to Heart of 1879.

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With Violets (op. 1, no. 1)

With Violets
by Kate Vannah

The violets I send to you
Will close their blue eyes on your breast;
I shall not be there, sweet, to see,
Yet do I know my flowers will rest
Within that chaste, white nest.

O little flowers, she'll welcome you
So tenderly, so warmly!
Go, I know where you will die tonight.
But you can never, never know
The bliss of dying so.
If you could speak!

Yet she will know
What made your faces wet,
Although I fain would follow you, and tell.
There, go and die, yet never know
To what a heav'n you go.

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