The Wider View


"The Wider View" is the fifth (and title) song of H. Leslie Adams' song cycle The Wider View.

The Wider View
by R. H. Grenville

In my childhood I was wont
to see the horizon as a boundary,
The sky as roof, the wood as wall,
my world as intimate and small.
But as I learned of other places,
loftier heights and wider spaces,
The wonder in my spirit grew to match the fresh,
unfolding view.
I used to think of life as breath,
a measured span from birth to death,
With Time the stern horizon line
to mark day's ending and decline.
But now I see beyond confusion,
all boundaries are but illusion;
That love's vast luminous creation
can tolerate no separation.
There is no barrier nor wall between us
and the All-in-All.
There's always more to do and be.
You can't exhaust infinity.

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