Welcome, Within My Shining Portals (Circe's Song)


"Welcome, Within My Shining Portals" is the first song of Cadman's Three Songs to Odysseus, op. 50 song cycle, with text by Nelle Richmond Eberhart.

Welcome, Within My Shining Portals (Circe's Song)
by Nelle Richmond Eberhart

Thus spake Circe of the amber tresses;
Wing├ęd words she spake,
she of the sea-deep eyes:

"Welcome, welcome within my shining portals,
To my cool halls and to my flowing wine;
Soft lyre-swept airs, the odes of the immortals,
Nectar, ambrosia, and love shall all be thine!

"Thou shalt forget thy wanderings, thy sorrows;
Thou shalt forget thine agonies, thy fears;
All yesterdays shall die and all tomorrows
Grant thy desires and dry thy bitter tears.

"Welcome, welcome within my shining portals;
Rest thee and quaff the golden chaliced wine!"

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