The Water Lily


"The Water Lily" is the third song in George Whitefield Chadwick's song cycle A Flower Cycle.

The Water Lily

The Water Lily
by Arlo Bates

Where the dark waters lave,
Where the tall rushes wave,
Safe from rude winds that rave,
Floats the fair lily ;
White as my sweetheart's breast,
Pure as her dreamings blest,
Lying in cradled rest,
When night is stilly.

Oft wooing comes the bee
On light wings eagerly,
Leaving the pleasant lea
Luscious with clover ;
Then to her heart of gold,
'Mid petals half unrolled,
Fond doth the lily fold
The amorous rover.

Sweetheart, within thine arms
Fold me with all thy charms,
Safe from more rude alarms
Than thy heart's beating.
Let the sweet lily be
Emblem for thee and me ;
Be thou as kind as she
In thy fond greeting !

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