Two Songs for Julie-Ju, II.


This is the second song of Two Songs for Julie-Ju, with music by Noel Da Costa and poetry by George Houston Bass.

Two Songs for Julie-Ju is published in the Anthology of Art Songs by Black American Composers.

Text by George Houston Bass

It's time to sleep and dream the dreams little girls love to dream, Julie-Ju
And while you dream I'll also dream but not the joys and laughter you will dream
My dreams are hope for your tomorrow
You'll be strong enough to beat the sorrows that wait for you:
So close your eyes while your mother sings for you
Skeedaddle Skeedaddle Skeedaddledo
And your father still wakes you to play peek-a-boo
Hey bobborebop
He loves you too
Close your eyes and dream the dreams little girls love to dream Julie-Ju and sing bobborebop
Dream daddledo
Pretty little black girl Julie, my Julie Julie-Ju

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