Travel's End


"Travel's End" is an undated song by Florence Price setting a poem by Mary Folwell Hoisington. The song is published through Classical Vocal Reprints in a 2010 edition entitled Five Art Songs, edited by Rae Linda Brown.

Travel's End
by Mary Fowell Hoisington

Oh, bed in my mother's house,
With sheets as white as May,
With blankets wove of carded-wool,
And scented with new morn hay.

With the poke of a feather down,
From her snow-white plumey geese,
Oh, bed of mine in my mother's house,
With sleep that was dreaming peace.

Oh, far how I walked forlorn!
Oh, bed that my mother made!
I would that your sheet might be my shroud,
And I in earth be laid.

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