Title divine — is mine!


"Title divine — is mine!" is the seventh song in Leo Smit's song cycle The Marigold Heart. The Marigold Heart is the third of Smit's six song cycles setting the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

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Title divine — is mine! (poem 1072)
by Emily Dickinson

Title divine — is mine!
The Wife — without the Sign!
Acute Degree — conferred on me —
Empress of Calvary!
Royal — all but the Crown!
Betrothed — without the swoon
God sends us Women —
When you — hold — Garnet to Garnet —
Gold — to Gold —
Born — Bridalled — Shrouded —
In a Day —
Tri Victory
"My Husband" — women say —
Stroking the Melody —
Is this — the way?

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