Thou Wouldst Not Stay (Nausicaä's Song)


"Thou Wouldst Not Stay (Nausicaä's Song)" is the third and final song of Cadman's Three Songs to Odysseus, op. 50 song cycle, with text by Nelle Richmond Eberhart.

Thou Wouldst Not Stay (Nausicaä's Song)
by Nelle Richmond Eberhart

White-armed Nausicaä sighed
Beside the misty deep:

"Thou wouldst not stay, thou goodly stranger,
The dark abyss hath borne thee far.
And, oh, my heart aches fearing thee in danger
Where lost horizons are.

"Here where we met I come at even,
One word from ocean's deep to crave.
I hear a seabird's cry from the wide heaven!
The sob of lonely wave!"

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