The 80's Miracle Diet

"The 80's Miracle Diet" is a song by David Krakauer setting the poetry of Melvin Dixon.  The song is part of the AIDS Quilt Songbook.
The 80's Miracle Diet
by Melvin Dixon

Yours free without the asking
Quick delivery via overnight male,
Special Handling, or ten-year incubation.
How I Lost 40 Pounds in Two Weeks

Cocktails of Perrier with a twist of AZT,
Bactrim broiled with bacon bits
Egg lipid quiche for brunch. Our tongues
ablaze on toast points in a soundless howl.
The most talented minds, the best bodies
of my generation going up in smoke.

Act now. 1-800-I-GOT-IT-2.
Our operators are standing by.
I have photographs to prove it:
Before and After and Passed Away.

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