Straightway Beauty On Me Waits

The fourth song of Octaves and Sweet Sounds is entitled "Straightway Beauty On Me Waits." It is a love song that employs lush chords and expansive phrases to musically depict the passion of nature and love. Its rhapsodic nature is reflected in the sweeping melody line that incorporates wide leaps with extensive use of rubati.

--Esther Jane Hardenbergh


The audio recording provided in the audio playlist to the right features Esther Jane Hardenbergh, soprano, and Mutsumi Moteki, piano, and the performance took place in Salzburg, Austria on a recital for the Salzburg Chamber Concerts series. To listen, please click on the track name itself.
Straightway beauty on me waits
by James Purdy

Straightway beauty on me waits
rain in the morning or sunshine late
when, say the wind the airs can blow
the sun came up and down fell the snow.
The wind blows wet the sleet falls hard
Love waxes great
or dies, like the flower.

From Collected Poems
(Athenaeum-Polack & Van Gennep)
Copyright 1990 by James Purdy

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