Stay in My Arms


"Stay in My Arms" is a song by Marc Blizstein setting his own text.

Tyler Thompson, baritone, and John Musto, piano, perform "Stay in My Arms" at Pepperdine University as part of SongFest 2008. The YouTube video of that performance, provided in the media player to the right, is made possible through a collaboration between the Hampsong Foundation and SongFest.

Stay in My Arms
by Marc Blitzstein

In this great city where will I find one peaceful, pretty spot where noise is not?
A bit of quiet, untouched by all the hectic riot would help things a lot.
Our temples automatic- science reveals.
Our pace is acrobatic- life moves on wheels
Here's my admission-
I haven't very much ambition for the mad existence of our time.

Let's just be old fashioned.
Let's just be lazy.
The world's gone crazy
so stay in my arms.

My most dear; come close dear.
Don't be afraid to.
My hands were made to shield you from alarm.

What's all the shooting for?
Where are they rushing?
Whom are they rooting for?
Whom are they crushing?
Forget them or let them grow dim and hazy.
The world's gone crazy
so stay in my arms.

Let's lie here
year by year midfield and daisy.
The world's gone crazy
so stay in my arms.

While millions of millions go wildly prancing,
I'll be romancing a song of your charms.
They dance a dance that kills- mad and defenseless.
Such jumping Jacks and Jills.
It's all so senseless.

I love you.
You love me.
That much is plain, dear.
The world's insane, dear:
so stay in my arms.

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