"Spray" is the second song of Lori Laitman's song cycle Mystery. The poetry comes from Sara Teasdale's volume Flame and Shadow of 1920.

Composer's Note:

"Mystery, a song cycle for either baritone or mezzo-soprano, sets five poems by American poet Sara Teasdale (1884-1933). Composed for baritone Kurt Ollmann, these poems reflect on love and its enigmas. 'Spray' begins violently, with the piano suggesting the crashing of waves. Joining in with rapid declamations, the vocal line then transitions to a calmer reflection on love."

--Lori Laitman


The composer's note and the second audio clip (provided in the media player to the right) are made possible through a collaboration between the Hampsong Foundation and SongFest. In this audio clip, the performers are Ricardo Rivera, baritone, and Stefanie Watson, piano, and the performance took place at Pepperdine University at SongFest 2010. To listen, please click on the track name itself.

by Sara Teasdale

I knew you thought of me all night,
I knew, though you were far away;
I felt your love blow over me
As if a dark wind-riven sea
Drenched me with quivering spray.

There are so many ways to love
And each way has its own delight --
Then be content to come to me
Only as spray the beating sea
Drives inland through the night.

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