The Sky Ship, Op. 9, no. 3


"The Sky Ship" is the third song in Lang's Opus 9 songs of 1892. The set also includes the song "Betrayed" (no. 4).

The Sky-Ship
by Frank Dempster Sherman

In the soft wind that blows,
Yon* cloud-ship of the sky
Spreads its white sail and throws
A shadow where I lie.

And with my dream is blent
A breath of spice and gums
Out of the Orient
Betraying whence it comes.

Unto a land remote
To fill its rich bazaars
Sails this Arabian boat
Amid the island stars.

And in yon harbor calm
Of Heaven's ocean blue,
Empties her freight of palm--
The twilight's silver** dew!

* Lang changes "Yon" to "You"
**Lang changes "silver" to "fragrant"

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