Separation (op. 76, no. 1)


"Separation," with text by John L. Stoddard, is the first song of Beach's Two Songs, opus 76. The second song of Opus 76 sets "The Lotos Isles" of British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson.

by John L. Stoddard

Who knows if we shall meet again?
Behind each parting lurks a fear;
We smile to hide the haunting pain--
The rising tear.

You tell me we shall meet, but where?
The way is dark, the world is wide.
I only know, in my despair,
Our paths divide.

You say that we shall meet, but how?
The years slip by and make us old;
'Tis easy to forget love's vow,
If hearts grow cold.

Why part then, if we do not know?
(Dear God, if one of us should die!)
I cannot, dare not let thee go;
Say not, "Good-bye!"

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