The Sandman


"The Sandman" was published in Lang's Opus 39 Songs for the Lovers of Children.

The Sandman
by Harriet Fairchild Blodgett

Over the hills from far away
He comes at closing of the day
To shut the children's* eyes;
And his hair is gold with sunset light,
And his voice is soft as dreams at night,
And he gathers lullabies.

One he takes from the bumblebee,
Singing, humming drowsily;
And the robin gives him one;
And down beneath the grasses hid
He robs the little katydid,
And leaves her there alone.

Then over all the sunset lands
He scatters down his golden sands
And spreads his soft, gray wings;
And every little sleepy head
Goes nid-nid-nodding off to bed,
Because the Sandman sings.

*Lang changes "shut the children's" to "kiss my baby's"

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