Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers (op. 105, no. 2)


"Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers" was originally part of Farwell's 12 Emily Dickinson Songs, Op. 105. The song is currently published in the first volume of Boosey & Hawkes' two-volume Thirty-Four Songs on Poems of Emily Dickinson by Arthur Farwell.

Safe in their Alabaster Chambers (poem 216)
by Emily Dickinson

Safe in their Alabaster Chambers —
Untouched by Morning
And untouched by Noon —
Sleep the meek members of the Resurrection —
Rafter of satin,
And Roof of stone.

Light laughs the breeze
In her Castle above them —
Babbles the Bee in a stolid Ear,
Pipe the Sweet Birds in ignorant cadence —
Ah, what sagacity perished here!

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