The Rose


"The Rose" is the final song in Lori Laitman's song cycle Mystery. The poem "The Rose" can be found in Sara Teasdale's 1915 volume Rivers to the Sea.

The Rose
by Sara Teasdale

Beneath my chamber window
Pierrot was singing, singing;
I heard his lute the whole night thru
Until the east was red.
Alas, alas, Pierrot,
I had no rose for flinging
Save one that drank my tears for dew
Before its leaves were dead.

I found it in the darkness,
I kissed it once and threw it,
The petals scattered over him,
His song was turned to joy;
And he will never know --
Alas, the one who knew it! --
The rose was plucked when dusk was dim
Beside a laughing boy.

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