Postcard from Spain

Postcard from Spain was completed in New York City, July, 21, 1963. It was composed for Teresa Stratas who sang it premiere in Regina, Canada with Emilie Rublev at the piano. In program notes for a New York recital of his songs, Hundley wrote, "Earlier in the year, Miss Stratas had told me that she was looking for songs for a series of concerts in her native Canada. Not knowing what texts to set, but knowing her dramatic capabilities, I decided to rearrange the words of a postcard I had received from a friend."  It is dedicated to Francis Robinson who worked in Public Relations at the Metropolitan Opera House in the 1960's.

---Esther Jane Hardenbergh
The weather is here!
Wish you were...beautiful.

I'm having a fabulous
loved splendid Lisbon,
but ah Madrid!

Soon on to Tangiers, London and Paris too,
See you, when I'm through.


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