Palm Sunday: Naples


"Palm Sunday: Naples" is the fifth song of John Musto's song cycle, Quiet Songs. The song cycle is published by Peermusic as part of Musto's Collected Songs.

Palm Sunday: Naples
by Arthur Symons

Because it is the day of Palms
Carry a palm for me,
Carry a palm in Santa Chiara
And I will watch the sea.
There are no palms in Santa Chiara
To-day or any day for me.

I sit and watch the little sail
Lean side-ways on the sea,
The sea is blue from here to Sorrento
And the sea-wind comes to me
And I see the white clouds lift from Sorrento
And the dark sail lean upon the sea.

I have grown tired of all these things,
And what is left for me?
I have no place in Santa Chiara
There is no peace upon the sea.
But carry a palm in Santa Chiara,
Carry a palm for me.

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