Our Bodies Were Wings


"Our Bodies Were Wings" is the fifth and final song of Simon Sargon's song cycle A Star in a Haymow, which sets five poems of Kenneth Patchen.

Sheet music for this song cycle is available directly through the composer by contacting the following address: [email protected].

Going to Bed
by Kenneth Patchen

Going to bed
And when we have done
Lying together in the dark

Warm houses stand within us
Sleepy angels smile in doorways
Little jeweled horses jolt by without sound
Everyone is rich and no one has money
I can love you
Thank God I can love you
All that can happen is not known to the guns

Are you awake darling?
Do not fall asleep yet
To sleep now would seem a way to die so easily
And death is something that poems must be about

But the way our bodies were wings
Flying in and out of each other…


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