The Old Story


"The Old Story" is the fourth song in Frank Lewin's Variations of Greek Themes.

"The Old Story" is elegiac in character, and returns to the modal treatment of the opening song. The music makes use of the Phrygian relationship, alternating the tonal areas of E and F.

The Old Story (Marcus Argentarius)
by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Like many a one, when you had gold\t
Love met you smiling, we are told;\t
But now that all your gold is gone,\t
Love leaves you hungry and alone.

And women, who have called you more\t
Sweet names than ever were before,\t
Will ask another now to tell\t
What man you are and where you dwell.\t

Was ever anyone but you\t
So long in learning what is true?\t
Must you find only at the end\t
That who has nothing has no friend?

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