My Garden


"My Garden" sets the text of Philip Bourke Marston, an English poet whose fame in America far exceeded his fame in England.

My Garden
by Philip Bourke Marston

Oh my garden full of roses,
Red as passion and as sweet,
Failing not when summer closes,
Lasting on through cold* and heat:

Oh my garden full of lilies,
White as peace, and very tall,
In your midst my heart so still is
It could hear the last leaf fall:**

Oh my garden full of singing,
From the birds that house therein--
Sweet notes down the sweet day ringing
Till the nightingales begin:

Oh my garden where such shade is,
Oh my garden, bright with sun,--
Oh my loveliest of ladies,
Of my gardens, sweetest one!

* snow (Lang)
** I can hear the least leaf fall (Lang)

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