My Caliban Creature


"My Caliban Creature" is the sixth movement in Miriam Gideon's song cycle Spirit Above the Dust.

My Caliban Creature
by Norman Rosten

My Caliban creature, endearing monster,
Come, give me your arm--
Let's go to the opera,
Confound the cops and those ladies
Staring at your webbed feet,
Then to a gala place to eat!

No, no, your island's drowned,
Along with your wild mother.
The city zoo would take you,
But I've filed the necessary papers.
I'm adopting you, friend,
Your name on my mailbox.
I swear I'll protect you,
Verminous and scaled,
Roaring drunk,
I know the slime,
Clay and color,
Whose shape I am,


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