Moonlight's Watermelon

"Moonlight's Watermelon" is the third song in Hundley's song cycle Octaves and Sweet Sounds. The poet is José García Villa, who lived in Greenwich Village, New York City. In the composer's notes included in the Boosey & Hawkes 1993 publication of the cycle, Hundley writes "I was immediately attracted to the the magic sound of the poet's words...For me the poem recalls my childhood living with my grandmother in Kentucky when we ate watermelon, fresh from her garden, on summer evenings" (Hundley, 1993).

--Esther Jane Hardenbergh


The audio recording provided in the audio playlist to the right features Esther Jane Hardenbergh, soprano, and Mutsumi Moteki, piano, and the performance took place in Salzburg, Austria on a recital for the Salzburg Chamber Concerts series. To listen, please click on the track name itself.
Moonlight's Watermelon
by José García Villa

Moonlight's, watermelon, mellows, light,
Mellowly. Water, mellows, moon, lightly.
Water, mellows, melons, brightly.
Moonlight's mellow, to, water's, sight.
Yes, and, water, mellows, soon,
Quick, as, mellows, the, mellow, moon.
Water, mellows, as, mellows, melody,
Moon, has, its, mellow, secrecy.
Moonlight's, moon, has, the, mellow,
Secrecy, of, mellowing, water's water-
Melons, mellowly. Moonlight's, a, mellow,
Mellower, being, moon's, mellow, daughter.
Moonlight's, melody, alone, has, secrecy,
To, make, watermelons, sweet, and, juicy.

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