"Memories" is a song by Charles Wakefield Cadman with text by Nelle Richmond Eberhart. The song is published in Classical Vocal Reprint's collection Album of Songs.

by Nelle Richmond Eberhart

Oh, sweetest music,
Trembling to my lips
An old-time song of hers, familiar slips,
Till I remember, grieving as I must,
Her lips are dust,
Her lips are dust.

Oh, sweetest music, stirring with its beat
The heart of me, to measures sadly sweet;
But her glad heart, which once with mine did thrill,
Her heart is still,
Her heart is still.

Oh, sweetest music,
Dreaming of the morning,
I hear her softly singing in the corn,
I hear and thrill with rapture at the tone,
But wake alone,
But wake alone.

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