Madam and the Wrong Visitor


"Madam and the Wrong Visitor" is the seventh and final song of Siegmeister's Madam To You cycle, which sets seven texts of Langston Hughes.

Madam and the Wrong Visitor
by Langston Hughes

A man knocked three times.
I never seen him before.
He said, Are you Madam?
I said, What's the score?

He said, I reckon
You don't know my name,
But I've come to call
On you just the same.

I stepped back
Like he had a charm.
He said, I really
Don't mean no harm.

I'm just Old Death
And I thought I might
Pay you a visit
Before night.

He said, You're Johnson--
Madam Alberta K.?
I said, Yes--but Alberta
Ain't goin' with you today!

No sooner had I told him
Than I awoke.
The doctor said, Madam,
Your fever's broke--

Nurse, put her on a diet,
And buy her some chicken.
I said, Better buy two--
Cause I'm still here kickin'!

--The Collected Poems of LangstonHughes, p. 308


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