Madam and the Minister


"Madam and the Minister" is the second song of Siegmeister's Madam To You cycle, which sets seven texts of Langston Hughes.

Madam and the Minister
by Langston Hughes

Reverend Butler came by
My house last week.
He said, Have you got
A little time to speak?

He said, I am interested
In your soul.
Has it been saved,
Or is your heart stone-cold?

I said, Reverend,
I'll have you know
I was baptized
Long ago.

He said, What have you
Done since then?
I said, None of your
Business, friend.

He said, Sister
Have you back-slid?
I said, It felt good--
If I did!

He said, Sister,
Come time to die,
The Lord will surely
Ask you why!
I'm gonna pray
For you!

I felt kinder sorry
I talked that way
After Rev. Butler
Went away--
So I ain't in no mood
For sin today.

--The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes, p. 307


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