Love Rejoices


"Love Rejoices" is the final song of H. Leslie Adams' song cycle The Wider View.

Love Rejoices
by James Dillet Freeman

I walk alone upon a lonely beach
And none but I walk here.
On ev'ry side the world is mine as far as I can reach
Oh, the sea and sky and earth stretch wide.
Why am I then as if confined
When I have all this endless ev'rywhere?
Who locks me in this cage of mind?
And why is this bare world so hard to bear?
O love, come close and circumscribe me round
With love's dear otherness, encompass me
In bonds so fair for when I am bound by love
on ev'ry side,
Then I am free.
O love, you are the only narrow door through which myself can reach to the yet more.
And Love Rejoices, Love Rejoice!"

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