Love Let the Wind Cry...How I Adore Thee

"Love Let the Wind Cry...How I Adore Thee" is a song by Undine Smith Moore setting a translation of the ancient Greek poet Sappho, "Rendered by Bliss Carmen / Based on the prose translation of H. T. Wharton." The dedication of the song says: "for Jewel and Leon Thompson." This song was first performed at the wedding of Jewell and Leon Taylor Thompson on June 10, 1961.
Love let the wind cry
On the dark mountain,
Bending the ash trees
And the tall hemlocks
With the great voice of
Thunderous legions,
How I adore thee.

Let the hoarse torrent
In the blue canyon,
Murmuring mightily
Out of the gray mist
Of primal chaos
Cease not proclaiming
How I adore thee.

Let the long rhythm
Of crunching rollers,
Breaking and bursting
On the white seaboard
Titan and tireless,
Tell, while the world stands,
How I adore thee.

Love, let the clear call
Of the tree cricket,
Frailest of creatures,
Green as the young grass,
Mark with his trilling
Resonant bell-note,
How I adore thee.

Let the glad lark-song
Over the meadow,
That melting lyric
Of molten silver,
Be for a signal
To listening mortals,
How I adore thee.

But, more than all sounds,
Surer, serener,
Fuller of passion
And exultation,
Let the hushed whisper
In thine own heart say,
How I adore thee.

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