Lonesome Man


“Lonesome Man” is the second song in the cycle Blue Mountain Ballads. Ragtime rhythms in the accompaniment provide a perfect foundation.


The audio recording, provided in the audio player to the right, features Thomas Hampson, baritone, and Wolfram Rieger, piano. To listen, please click on the track name itself. You can download a recording of Blue Mountain Ballads for free through the Instant Encore website with the download code: THSOA2009.

Lonesome Man
by Tennessee Williams

My chair rock-rocks by the door all day
But nobody ever stops my way,
Nobody ever stops by my way.

My teef chaw-chaw on an old ham bone an’
I do the dishes all alone,
I do the dishes all by my lone.

My feet clop-clop on the hardwood floor ‘cause
I won’t buy love at the hardware store,
I don’t want love from the mercantile store.

Now the clock tick-tocks by my single bed while
the moon looks down on my sleepless head,
While the moon grins down at an ole fool’s head.

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