"Lethe" is the third song in Scott Wheeler's Turning Back, a song cycle for mezzo soprano and piano setting the poetry of H.D.


The audio recording provided in the audio playlist to the right is used with the permission of the composer and features mezzo soprano Krista River and pianist Donald Berman. To listen, please click on the track name itself.
by H.D.

Nor skin nor hide nor fleece
Shall cover you,
Nor curtain of crimson nor fine
Shelter of cedar-wood be over you,
Nor the fir-tree
Nor the pine.

Nor sight of whin nor gorse
Nor river-yew,
Nor fragrance of flowering bush,
Nor wailing of reed-bird to waken you,
Nor of linnet,
Nor of thrush.

Nor word nor touch nor sight
Of lover, you
Shall long through the night but for this:
The roll of the full tide to cover you
Without question,
Without kiss.

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