Leave Not This Sea-encircled Isle (Calypso's Song)


"Leave Not This Sea-encircled Isle" (Calypso's Song) is the second song of Cadman's Three Songs to Odysseus, op. 50 song cycle, with text by Nelle Richmond Eberhart.

Leave Not This Sea-encircled Isle (Calypso's Song)
by Nelle Richmond Eberhart

Calypso, awful goddess, thus implored:

"Leave not, O love, this sea-encircled isle;
Leave not this grotto which our love has known,
The cypressed vales where Zephyrus awhile
Blows from the river reeds love's dulcet tone.

"Am I not fairer, I a goddess born,
Than mortal dame, however fair she be?
Am I not mighty, shall I bear thy scorn
Or yield thy lips to fond Penelope
Who spins her foolish web in Ithaca, forlorn
And weeping for the love of thee?

"Leave not, O love, this garden of our bliss!
I bind thee with a spell, my love, my kiss!"

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