"Jean" is a song by Henry Burleigh with text by Frank Lebby Stanton.

by Frank Lebby Stanton

Jean, my Jean, with the eyes of light, And the beautiful soft, brown hair,
Do you know that I'm longing for you tonight?
For your lips, for the clasp of your hand so white?
And the sound of your voice so dear?

Jean, my Jean, with the glances bright, Where the smile shines through the tear,
Do you know that I'm calling to you tonight,
Where the seagulls cry like ghosts in flight
And the dark falls lone and drear?

Jean, my Jean, where the snow drifts white, Thro' the answerless, icy air,
Ah, would to God you were here tonight, Braiding your beautiful tresses of light,
And that I were lying there!

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