"Jazz-Boys" is the third song in Carpenter's Four Negro Songs.

The lyrics of "Jazz-Boys" come from the following poem:

Harlem Night Club
by Langston Hughes

Sleek black boys in a cabaret.
Jazz-band, jazz-band,--
Play, plAY, PLAY!
Tomorrow...who knows?
Dance today!

White girls' eyes
Call gay black boys.
Black boys' lips
Grin jungle joys.

Dark brown girls
In blond men's arms.
Jazz-band, jazz-band,--
Sing Eve's charms!

White ones, brown ones,
What do you know
About tomorrow
Where all paths go?

Jazz-boys, jazz-boys,--
Play, plAY, PLAY!
Tomorrow...is darkness.
Joy today!

--The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes, p. 90

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