Inketunga's Thunder Song


In 1908, Farwell composed Three Indian Songs, op. 32, based on the piano solos contained in his earlier American Indian Melodies. “Inketunga's Thunder Song” is the second song in the collection.

Farwell published American Indian Melodies in 1901, in his recently founded Wa-Wan Press, a publication dedicated strictly to American contemporary music. Scored for piano solo, American Indian Melodies contains Farwell’s arrangements of ten melodies that were transcribed from the songs of the Omaha tribe and preserved in Alice C. Fletcher’s Indian Story and Song from North America (1900).

Inketunga's Thunder Song
by Arthur Farwell
words adapted from the "Indian"

Wakonda Wakonda!
Deep rolls thy thunder!
They speak to me, my friend;
The Weeping Ones,
Hark! In deep rolling thunder calling.
O friend, they speak to me.
Far above, hark,
Deep voiced in thunder calling.

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