A Horse With Wings


"A Horse With Wings" is a song by Ricky Ian Gordon setting his own text. The song is part of Ricky Ian Gordon's songbook A Horse With Wings.

A Horse With Wings
by Ricky Ian Gordon

I wanna cry.
I wanna feel the world around me whirling by.
I wanna cry for those that live,
and those that die.
You sing a lullaby.
I wanna cry.
I wanna pray,
that all my wishes could come true after today,
and should I put a word for you in,
should I say
an extra Kyrie?
I wanna pray.
I wanna lie.
I wanna think that things are better
than they are.
I wanna think we’ve gotten further,
and that far
is just an inch away.
I wanna lie.
A horse with wings,
I wanna think of things like that
and other things.
I want two brothers, one who laughs,
and one who sings.
I hope the future brings
a horse with wings.
I wanna know
the things they told me way back then
were really so.
I wanna make a little mark before I go,
not barely just get by,
I wanna fly!

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