"Homecoming" is the first song of David Conte's song cycle Everyone Sang. The cycle is for baritone and piano and sets four songs by various poets.


The audio selection in the player to the right features Tim Krol, baritone, and Steven Bailey, piano. Used with the permission of the composer. To listen, please click on the track name itself.

by A E. Stallings

It was as if she pulled a thread,
Each time he saw her, that unraveled
All the distance he had traveled
To sleep at home in his own bed,
Or sit together in a room
Spinning yarns of monsters, wars,
The hours counted by the chores.
He loved to watch her at the loom:
The fluent wrists, the liquid motion
Of small tasks not thought about,
The shuttle leaping in and out,
Dolphins sewing the torn ocean.

“Homecoming” © Copyright by A. E. Stallings.
“Homecoming” first appeared in Poetry.


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