Women's Voices


Ned Rorem's song cycle Women's Voices sets the poetry of American and English poets.

Women's Voices:

1. "Now let no charitable hope" (Elinor Wylie)
2. "A birthday" (Christina Rossetti)
3. "To my dear and loving husband (Anne Bradstreet)
4. "To the ladies" (Mary Lee, Lady Chudleigh)
5. "If ever hapless woman had a cause" (Mary Herbert, Countess of Pembroke, née Sidney)
6. "We never said farewell" (Mary Coleridge)
7. "The stranger" (Adrienne Rich)
8. "What inn is this" (Emily Dickinson)
9. "Defiled is my name" (Anne Boleyn)
10. "Electrocution" (Lola Ridge)
11. "Smile, Death" (Charlotte Mew)


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