Three Love Songs


Three Love Songs is a song cycle by Libby Larsen which sets the poetry of the Chilean poet, diplomat, and politician Pablo Neruda The poems have been translated into English by Terence Clarke, Gustavo Escobedo, and Stephen Tapscott.

Three Love Songs was commissioned by SongFest at Pepperdine University and Rosemary Hyler Ritter and is dedicated to Marcia J. Brown and Janet A. Loranger with love and deep appreciation for all the lives you have touched with funds provided by the Elizabeth & Michel Sorel Charitable Organization.

The cycle was premiered on June 19, 2011 by baritone David McFerrin and pianist Liza Stepanova. The YouTube video of the premiere, provided in the media player to the right, is made possible through a collaboration with SongFest. Three Love Songs starts around 9 min., 30 sec. into the video.

The sheet music is available through Libby Larsen Publishing.


I. Before Loving You, My Love
II. How Many Roads to Reach a Kiss
III. Two Happy Lovers

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