Tanka Modern and Ancient

Tanka Modern and Ancient is a song cycle for alto voice and piano by composer Robert G. Patterson setting a collection of tanka poems in both English and Japanese.

The composer writes:

"This cycle has text in English and in Ancient Japanese. The English texts are published on the website of the Tanka Society of America. The Society sponsors an annual tanka-writing contest, and these tanka were published as a result of the contest. According to the site, 'The Tanka Society of America aims to further the writing, reading, study, and appreciation of tanka poetry in English. The society was founded by Michael Dylan Welch, and held its inaugural meeting in Decatur, Illinois on April 14, 2000. Most of the society’s members live in the United States, but it welcomes members from anywhere in the world.'"
Song Listing:

1. A Lightning Strike (Beverly George, Australia)

2. Moonlight (Dorothy McLaughlin, U.S.)

3. Her Sharp Knife (Carol Purington, U.S.)

4. No. 3430 (Collection of Ten-Thousand Leaves, 8th Century Japan)

5. Traveling the Path (Edward J. Reilly, probably U.S. but not sure)

6. Field After Field (David Rice, probably U.S.)

7. No. 2538 (Collection of Ten-Thousand Leaves, 8th Century Japan) / I Tasted Him (Renee Gregorio, U.S.)


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