Syllables of Velvet, Sentences of Plush


7 songs for Soprano and Piano, on letters of Emily Dickinson

14 minutes

1989 — New Haven, CT

In memory of Jeanne, Jessie and Nancy

First Performance:
Jayne West, soprano
Karen Sauer, piano
Sunday, March 10, 1991
Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA


The audio selection in the player to the right features Jayne West, soprano and Karen Sauer, piano. Used with the permission of the composer. To listen, please click on the track name itself.


1 - To Eudocia C. Flynt
2 - To T.W. Higginson
3 - To Emily Fowler (Ford)
4 - To Samuel Bowles the younger
5 - To Eugenia Hall
6 - To Susan Gilbert (Dickinson)
7 - To Susan Gilbert (Dickinson)

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