Songs of Our Time


Songs of Our Time: 14 Songs Set to Poems by Contemporary Poets is a songbook by Ricky Ian Gordon. The songs are for medium voice and piano.


Virginia Woolf | Text: James Schuyler
Friend | Text: Jean Valentine
Little horse | Text: W.S. Merwin
Spell against sorrow | Text: Kathleen Raine
The light comes on by itself | Text: Frank O'Hara
Pont Mirabeau | Text: X.J. Kennedy, after Guillaume Apollinaire
A poem of unrest | Text: John Ashbery
This room | Text: John Ashbery
If you can | Text: Howard Moss
Aspen tree | Text: Paul Celan, translated by Michael Hamburger
Three floors | Text: Stanley Kunitz
The crazy woman | Text: Gwendolyn Brooks
Child | Text: Sylvia Plath
Dreams/Feet o' Jesus | Text: Langston Hughes

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