Songs from Vineacre, Op. 28


Songs from Vineacre, Op. 28 is a song collection of four songs by Ethelbert Nevin. Nevin sets the texts in English, German, and French. Only the songs with English texts are included in the Song of America database.


1. A Necklace of Love / Text: Frank Lebby Stanton
2. Mon Desir / Text: Jacques Ahrem
3. Sleeping and Dreaming / Text: Robert P. Nevin
4. The Nightingale's Song / Text: Alvin Hovey-King
5. The Dream-Maker Man / Text: W. A. W.
6. The Silver Moon (La Lune Blanche) / Text: Paul Verlaine
7. Ein Liedchen / Text: Heinrich Heine
8. Ein Heldenlied / Text: Heinrich Heine

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